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Sports Physicals Specialist

Eastside Children's Clinic

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Sports physicals are different from the typical well-child checkup because their goal is to be sure your child can safely enjoy sports without risking harm to their body. Pediatricians at Eastside Children’s Clinic in Allen, Texas, provide a comprehensive exam, complete the required paperwork, and offer low self-pay rates for sports physicals. To schedule a sports physical, call the office or use the online booking feature.

Sports Physicals Q & A

What is a sports physical?

Every child or teen in Texas who wants to play in a sport or engage in other school activities like cheerleading must have a sports physical or a preparticipation physical examination. They also need a sports physical to clear them to return to their activities if they suffer an injury or become ill during the season.

The purpose of a sports physical is to be sure your child can safely participate in sports. Suddenly starting high-intensity workouts and engaging in competitive sports can quickly aggravate a pre-existing problem or lead to a preventable injury when an exam discovers potential problems.

Although a sports physical may find a problem that prevents your child from participating, in most cases, the examination results guide decisions. The exam reveals problems that Eastside Children’s Clinic can treat before your child starts a sport, and shows if your child needs extra training to get in shape to safely participate.

Why is a child’s medical history important?

Children and parents use a medical history form to provide information about:

  • Chronic illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, or epilepsy
  • Hospitalizations or surgeries
  • Past injuries such as concussions, sprains, or fractures
  • Problems with dizziness, chest pain, or breathing during exercise
  • Medications and supplements
  • Allergies
  • Family history of serious illnesses

A complete medical history helps your doctor determine if your child has a condition that sports activities might aggravate.

How is a sports physical exam different from an annual checkup?

The physical exam for sports participation has a different focus than a wellness exam. During a sports physical, a pediatrician at Eastside Children’s Clinic evaluates your child’s musculoskeletal health, assessing bones, muscles, and joints for flexibility, strength, and signs of overuse injuries or stress.

Their doctor carefully examines concerns that could reappear during sports activities, such as previous fractures, sprains, concussions, skin infections, a past history of pain or dizziness, and chronic health conditions.

An existing condition doesn’t always prevent a child from playing sports, but it may mean that they need help to accommodate their activity. If your child has asthma, for example, they may need a different inhaler or need to learn to use their inhaler shortly before they start their warmups to prevent an exercise-induced asthma attack.

If your child needs a sports physical, call Eastside Children’s Clinic or schedule an appointment online.